About Us

My Name is Nukey Allen, I am the owner and creator of Marae luxe hair. Marae is my two middle names combined together. Marae luxe hair was created in 2018. I started selling hair bundles and then later found a wig vendor. Marae luxe hair sales human hair extensions, wigs, edge control, hair wax sticks and other hair accessories. 
I started doing hair in middle school and 9th grade all my friends and the neighborhood girlies would come to my house and get their hair done. It became a passion and something I loved doing. I love making my clients look and feel beautiful. 
2014 I started making wigs and would post them on Facebook and sell out before I could barely post it.  So, it made me want to get more involved in the hair business, 2012 I was selling hair extensions for a company making Commission and i was bringing the company a lot of customers so I was like wait a minute I could be promoting and selling hair extensions for my own business so I started looking for A Hair vendor. I tired Several hair Vendors before I found the one with good quality hair and that I could trust. I wanted to make sure I had the best human hair quality for my customers and clients. I want to treat people the way I want to be treated with good customer service and good quality products. I wanted to make a business that people can truly trust and will return and feel safe knowing they will receive their products and Goods. 

Thank you for taking the time to get to know about Marae Luxe hair.